social initiatives

Christmas at Project Sunshine

Each year at Christmastime, Gramin indulges in the spirit of giving with the adorable kids at Project Sunshine, an NGO that provides educational and day-care services to the underprivileged children of Delhi.

The entire Gramin team gets together to contribute; and the kids at Project Sunshine see a huge load of clothes, stationary, games and sweets come their way. Along with the goodies, a few volunteers visit the kids to experience an environment of love and learning. The children greet us warmly and shyly accept our presents. We talk to them and their teachers and understand what goes into such a wonderful organization.

We always try to do our bit to help others, but for us, visiting these delightful kids is an experience more valuable than anything we could give them.

Raksha Bandhan with a Twist
Raksha Bandhan

Gramin celebrates every occasion with a hint of love and giving. Each year, we take Raksha Bandhan, the traditional Hindu celebration of the bond between a brother and a sister, to the special children at Project Sunshine. The age-old promise of protection and affection symbolized by the Rakhi is made between the girls of the NGO and our male volunteers and the boys of the NGO and our female volunteers. We leave with a feeling that we will never break the promise we have made.

Our #RiceBucketChallenge

The ALS #icebucketchallenge, an initiative to spread awareness about the effects of the disease ALS, went sadly wrong when people began to take up the challenge for thrills and the only outcome was the wastage of cold water, with nobody bothering to educate themselves about ALS.

At this time, one lady from Hyderabad decided to tweak this initiative. Thus began the #ricebucketchallenge, where one donates a bowl of rice to a needy individual, and then follows the social media protocol to challenge someone else. Water is saved and food is donated, in a wonderful little win-win situation.

At Gramin, we rose to the occasion and began a chain of generosity throughout the office. Each volunteer gave some rice and then incentivized others to do the same. Smiles were spread and hungry stomachs fed. Together, we all learnt that sharing your joy multiplies it manifold.

Ourchive: An Initiative to Initiate People

Our parent company, Grasshoppers organized Ourchive, a unique exhibition of bootleg concepts. The purpose for the event was simple: bring out the socially sensitive side of advertising with creativity.

Our creative team worked tirelessly to achieve perfection in the ad panels. At the event, an exclusive set of 50 panels showcased socially relevant issues, including subjects such as deforestation, child labor, child trafficking, women trafficking, eve teasing, rape, abortion etc.

There was also a provision for sale of the panels, the proceeds of which were given to the Child and Women Care Society, an NGO that works towards the upliftment of women and children across the nation.

The event was a roaring success, with many eminent personalities from the advertising fraternity, corporate honchos and NGOs in attendance. We received coverage on more than 30 media platforms, including CNN-IBN, Times of India, Hindustan Times and The Hindu.

All in all, the event was a reminder that even in our busy schedules, it is important to take out the time to give something back to the world.